martes, 16 de diciembre de 2008

Carteleria Friki III

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Mexica dijo...

So many interesting posters and advertising there!!
You should enjoy a Bollywood film, I love them myself very much :P
Devdas is one of my favorite Bollywood films.
As for the gardens, what can I really say,other than "simply beautiful".
Your school looks great,and it's good to have few people because you get more time to do things.

Seems like one of your rooms at school has quite a big meditation room.
Is that what they are?
I had a dream a few nights ago, maybe you know what I am talking about..


Joako dijo...

Well I'm already watching some Bollywood stuff as the TV is plenty of films ... anyway I don't have much time which is also good because the subjects here are getting depper and more interesting ...
Yes some pics are from the meditation/yoga hall, which is quite big, the Retreat is very nice.
As for dreams ... well I'm also having a weird dream each night, that's how things works ;)

Take care,